Top 5 Benefits of Foam Rolling

We’ve all probably heard of foam rolling; some of us swear by it, while others still don’t know what the hype is.

Foam rolling is one of the most convenient and harmless ways to self-massage your own body. It’s especially helpful for people who exercise frequently and for people who struggle with body pain from sitting at an office desk for long periods of time.

Incorporating foam rolling before and/or after your workout session can provide both short and long term benefits for your body.

Here we’ve listed the top 5 benefits you can get from foam rolling:

  • Reduces body pain and muscle soreness

Foam rolling increases blood circulation allowing blood and oxygen to reach areas of the body that are in pain or sore. This allows your muscle tissue and ligaments to naturally heal themselves. It’s is a great way to help reduce any stiffness in the body and muscle soreness or tightness that is causing you pain. Before a workout you can loosen the muscles to warm them up or after a workout you can use foam rolling to cool down. It can even be considered an active recovery session on your rest days.

  • Improves flexibility and mobility

Foam rolling combined with regular stretching and even yoga, can help lengthen your muscles and improve your overall flexibility.

The more flexible your muscles and ligaments are, the better you are able to perform exercises and agile movements. The foam roller helps to remove knots in your muscles which can lengthen and relax them so that you are able to extend longer and retract easier.

  • Helps your fascia function

In case you’re not sure, fascia is a flat band of fibrous connective tissue under the skin’s surface that protects, stabilizes, encloses, and separates different layers of muscles. Foam rolling can help to restore elasticity to the fascia.

When you’re inactive, this tissue can become tight and the circulation of fluid can become “blocked”, in a sense. Therefore, foam rolling can massage out the blockage and allow it to become suppler, which aids the natural healing process of the tissue and restore its ability to move with more fluidity.

  • Prevents injuries

No matter what activity you’re engaging in, you’re susceptible to unexpected injuries. Seriously, you can get hurt doing almost anything– from getting up off the couch to maxing out your deadlifts at the gym. It’s important for all ages to maintain their mobility and agility so injuries are less likely to occur. Foam rolling can prep the muscles and ligaments for any slow or quick movements. It alleviates pressure on the joints and muscles which allows them to function more fluidly.

With the foam roller you can also relieve tension and pressure on your lower back, as this is one of the main body parts. This allows your back muscles to relax and lengthen your spine to improve mobility.

  • Improves Posture

With all the potential tension and cramps throughout our body it’s obvious that our overall posture can be affected. The more you leave these body pains unattended the worse they can get, which in time, causes your body posture to set into a certain form that will lead to even more unwanted pain. Honestly, it’s a vicious cycle. Foam rolling is an easy (and cheap!) way to massage out those joint and posture pains so that your muscles can support your frame at proper capacity. I mean, who doesn’t want to stand taller and look sharp?


In case you’re interested in investing in your own foam roller, here’s a link to help you find your best one -> https://www.self.com/gallery/best-foam-rollers