Where it all began…(my trip to Krabi, Thailand)

Hello! My name is Vivien So, the founder and creative director of Rising Lotus. I am a fashion designer born and raised in Hong Kong. I have always been interested in fashion and growing up I had always wanted to become a famous fashion designer. My dream was to be one of those cool people who got to go to the fanciest parties and hang out with the most famous celebrities and models, I was fascinated by the glitz and glam of the fashion industry. After I finished high school in Hong Kong, I moved to Los Angeles, California, to chase my fashion dream. I spent 2 years in a community college to build up my portfolio, then I completed my Fashion Design degree at OTIS College of Art and Design. After I got my degree, I realized the harsh reality of the fashion industry, I had to make a tough decision between moving to a fashion capital to try to get an unpaid internship at a high fashion brand and making a decent living working for a more mass market brand. I chose stability and accepted a job offer from Abercrombie and Fitch. I worked there as an assistant designer for a year, I was learning a lot and I loved the work environment there. I was ready to stay there for a couple of years and move up the corporate ladder, but unfortunately there was a problem with my work visa after my first year there so I had no choice but to move back to Hong Kong. After spending so many years abroad, I was not used to the fast-paced lifestyle of Hong Kong at all when I first moved back. I also very quickly realized there weren’t too many fashion design jobs in Hong Kong. It took me quite a while to find a job as a fashion designer at a local maternity label. My year at that company was very tough but I learned a lot about technical design and production which is extremely helpful to me now that I have my own brand. I left the company because I was sad that I didn’t have any creative freedom as a designer. At 25, I was kind of going through a quarter life crisis, I was lost and angry because I felt like as I grew older I got further and further away from the dream I had as a little girl.

In the summer of 2016, I went to Krabi, Thailand, for a week to take my mind off things and do some soul searching. During my time there, I thought hard about what I really wanted and how I wanted to move forward in life. I realized that for the longest time, I would be upset and angry at life for throwing me curveballs, I was wasting my energy being sad on things I couldn’t change. It turns out an attitude adjustment was all I really needed to be happy. I decided that I had to stop with all the complaining and whining, I had to make my dreams come true for myself. When I got back to Hong Kong, I had a fresh perspective and a new mindset, I combined my two passions in life, fashion and fitness, and Rising Lotus was born. In the past year, my team and I worked really hard on product development and now we are ready to share our hard work with all of you. We are just starting out but we have big dreams! We invite all of you to be part of our journey and we encourage you to stay positive and chase your dreams! Positivity can change your life, don’t give up and keep trying, go out there and create your own sunshine ☺