Best Workout Leggings

It could be quite a task to choose between the vast styles of athletic wear offered, especially with the accessibility of online retail apps on-the-go.

Here below are our pointers to have in mind on when you shop for a new pair of leggings.

1. Regardless on the type of exercise you do, it is a no-brainer to opt out for breathable lightweight fabrics with moisture-wicking properties to beat the summer heat, as cotton tends to retain moisture.

2. Being active means that the garments should compliment a workout, and that means looking for items that contain elastane or Lycra for that stretch.

3. It’s always good to stay curious and know what your clothing is made out of. We are a great believer of incorporating recycled materials as one of our core performance fabrics, and we encourage you to follow suit. Do read the labels and give a thumb up if you see traces of fair-trade organic cotton, recycled polyester or Tencel.

4. A good pair of leggings should be a friend and hug you in the right places. You can only bond by physically trying them out, and that synergy must be perfect, meaning that you should never purchase something a size larger for that extra allowance. A firm fit would avoid the annoying scenario of constantly fixing yourself for every move.

In reality no one wants to look like a blob regardless of your size, so perhaps you should look for a waistband design that falls slightly above your waistline that accentuates your body.

5. If you are not comfortable in total sheerness which may happen when you bend and stretch, you should look into those that are made out of double knitted fabrics for that extra layer of protection.