Chasing Charlene

This year, we have launched our first ever Rising Lotus ambassador program! Eight amazing girls have joined us to be part of the RL community. Meet the third of our eight #RLgirls Charlene!

How did you get into Yoga? Why did you start?

I started practicing 10 years ago when I got invited to a hot yoga class with some friends where we knew the teacher himself too. Back then I was one of those who thought yoga was boring and basically glorified stretching. But that class kicked me butt and I wanted more.

 However, I was actually first introduced to yoga by my grandpa when I was still a young girl. He was practicing yoga daily doing headstands etc, maybe back then I thought yoga was more of an elderly sport?! So didn’t pay much attention to it. Now I wish I started then. 

Why do you like Rising Lotus? 

You can tell by each piece of clothing that a lot of thought and heart have been put into it. The attention to detail, e.g. not using a tag but printing on the fabric, might not mean much but to me, tags are always annoying and scratches my skin, simply not having one takes away the problem and even saving the environment by not having an extra piece of paper. 

Apart from that, the philosophy of the brand is great, it is truly suitable for anyone and everyone, i can wear it everyday. 

What are your aspirations in life? Is there a mantra that you live by? 

At this point, I would like to first deepen my knowledge in yoga, study more, and then one day be able to teach around the world or just open my horizons more. I have always lived by “Beauty is power, a smile is its sword”.

I always choose to smile at people than give them a resting b** face, it might not sound like a big deal but you might just be brightening up someone else’s day simply by smiling at them. 

As a teacher, what is one message you want to spread to your students? 

Be happy and love yourself. Listen to your body, there’s always a time to push the limits but you must also balance it and allow yourself to hold back and reset. So mainly it is to find balance in life. 

What is something people might be surprised to learn about you? 

That I’m not just a yogi, I’m also a Brazilian jiu-jitsu practitioner of 7 years. In fact, yoga was more my “side gig” to help me find balance for the longest time until I did my teacher training (TT) and started teaching. That’s when I found myself getting more and more into yoga. 

What style of yoga do you practice? 

I did my TT in Ashtanga but I can’t call myself an Ashtangi as I don’t have a regular practice. I do more vinyasa yoga, which is also what I teach mostly. But I really really enjoy Yin yoga. 


Firefly Bra & Hug Me II Leggings

What is your favourite pose and why? 

I don’t really have a favourite pose as I feel every yoga pose has its benefits. But I do love my inversions. From headstand to pincha to handstands (which I’m forever working on)… I can tell you one of my least favourite poses is also an inversion, aka shoulder stand, feels great but I just can’t seem to hold it too long.

What is the greatest advice you have received?

From my teacher Vari: 

  “Happiness is a choice, choose to be happy”

Want to take a class with Charlene? Catch her classes at Yoga Bambam and Om Yoga!

Yoga BamBam 

Monday 6:00 pm – Improve your Balance Yoga

Tuesday 7:15 pm and 8:30pm – Core Fitness Yoga 

Thursday 7:15 pm – Core Fitness Yoga 

Saturday 11:30 am – Yoga 

Starting in June @ OM Yoga 

Sunday 1:00 pm / 2:15 pm – Hatha / Power yoga 

Thursday 8:45 pm – yoga stretching

Also, don’t forget to follow Charlene on her yogi and Brazilian jiu-jitsu adventure through Instagram @bjjyogini_char