Staying Home and Staying Wholesome

During the fears of COVID-19, many of us have had our lives turned upside down. Whilst some are coping with the loss of loved ones, others are coping with work salary cuts and struggling to keep up with living expenses. Almost everyone is battling a hint of anxiety within, just trying to stay positive about an uncertain future and the economy. As we stay home and do our best to stay afloat, it’s important to utilize this downtime by giving extra love and care to your own well being. It’s a lot easier said than done, and some days are harder than others, but here we’ve listed out a few of our most helpful practices that you can incorporate into your daily life indoors because we want you to know that we are in this together.


Start journaling. Make it a habit to write in your journal once a day, whether it be to indulge in deep thoughts that you aren’t able to make sense of yet or to simply express your emotions and how you’re feeling. Everyday may seem the same when you’re at home and social distancing, but in actuality, it really isn’t. You’re still continuously growing and feeling new things that you’ve maybe never felt before. So write it down, explore yourself. These quiet months will make a great chapter.

Cook, eat, be merry. Since eating out and ordering food isn’t as easy and convenient as it was before COVID hit, there’s really no better time than to cook that yummy dish or comfort food you’ve been craving to cook but never made the time to do so before. Time will fly by as you read through recipes, chop veggies, and toss together a meal. This is the perfect time for experimentation!! And besides, you’re your own taste-testing guinea pig so if at first you don’t succeed, you have tomorrow (and the day after…and the day after that) to try again. Here are some recipes to consider!

Set a fitness goal. For those of us who are unable to hit the gym or join classes at your regular workout studios, this down time has been tough. Working out at home can take some getting used to; especially if you don’t have all the equipment you need and find it hard to get motivated. However, there are some great workout apps to keep you on track like Kayla Itsine’s BBG app, or you can also follow a favorite fitness channel on Youtube such as PopSugar Fitness. If yoga is more up your alley, give Yoga with Adriene a try.

Read a book. Read anything. It doesn’t matter if it’s educational or purely fictional, slow or quick read– just as long as you get those brain gears going. Since we’re confined to the walls around us, this is the perfect time to pick up and book and let our imagination run wild. Here are some recommendations.

Quarantine Clean! Channel your inner Marie Kondo and clear out that wardrobe or your kitchen pantries. This is one activity you will really enjoy the results of. Choose a room to organize each day and slowly chip away at the cleaning process. At the end of all this social distancing you’ll feel lighter. And on top of that, you’ll have more space for all the online shopping you’ve probably already done.

Do NOTHING. You’d be amazed at how difficult it is to be still. Just because you have time on your hands to hundreds of different things, don’t let that become an added pressure to do hundreds of different things. There’s no pressure to emerge from this social-distancing time as a master chef with a six-pack of abs and a new online degree. In fact, we encourage you to just BE. Enjoy the solitude, nap as much as you want and let your body rejuvenate, or simply sun bathe and let every thought that comes to mind quickly exit from your mind. Remember, there are no rules to this thing!


One last thing we suggest everyone take the time to do today is to call your loved ones. Whether they are just a 10 minute drive away or a 10 hour plane ride away- call them. Check in and update one another. Share a few good laughs and uplifting words. Remind them you miss them and that you can’t wait to see them. During this time, spreading positivity and circulating love is of utmost importance.


Thanks for taking the time to read this. Happy social-distancing!

With Love,

Rising Lotus Team